Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. The CBCA encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in all appropriate cases. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge Type
12/13/2017 CBCA 5810 Pomoco Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Newport News Goodman Dismissal
12/12/2017 CBCA 5704 American Independent Media, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
12/12/2017 CBCA 5855-RELO Roger D. St. Louis Sheridan Decision
12/12/2017 CBCA 5935 SBC Archway Helena, LLC Beardsley Decision
12/11/2017 CBCA 4309 HGL Construction, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
12/11/2017 CBCA 5571 Bank of America, National Association Chadwick Decision
12/11/2017 CBCA 5909 Miles R. Clark Chadwick Dismissal
12/11/2017 CBCA 5457-FEMA Orleans Parish School Board and Louisiana Recovery School District Kullberg Decision
12/08/2017 CBCA 5419 App Architecture, Inc. Lester Dismissal
12/08/2017 CBCA 3350-R, 3672-R, 4658-R, 4659-R Yates-Desbuild Joint Venture Lester Decision
12/08/2017 CBCA 5116 VSE Corporation Lester Decision
12/07/2017 CBCA 5269, 5659 NOAA Maryland, LLC Russell Decision
12/07/2017 CBCA 2131, 2778 Bob L. Walker Chadwick Decision
12/07/2017 CBCA 5853-RELO Kevin T. Lyster Russell Decision
12/06/2017 CBCA 5898 Cooverclark & Associates Somers Decision
12/06/2017 CBCA 5918 Carl & Son's Construction Company, Inc. Lester Decision
12/04/2017 CBCA 5725 LED Lighting Solutions, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
12/04/2017 CBCA 5743-ISDA, 5744-ISDA, 5745-ISDA, 5746-ISDA, 5747-ISDA Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Hyatt Dismissal
11/28/2017 CBCA 5784-RELO David A. Leake Vergilio Decision
11/28/2017 CBCA 5856 Lumar Inc. Vergilio Decision
11/28/2017 CBCA 5739-C(5517) Dream Management, Inc. Beardsley Decision
11/27/2017 CBCA 5760 SFM Constructors, Inc. Somers Decision
11/17/2017 CBCA 5700 Oneida Communications, Inc. Somers Decision
11/17/2017 CBCA 5638 J.R. Mannes Government Services Corp. Somers Decision
11/17/2017 CBCA 4078-R Affiliated Western, Inc. Somers Decision
11/17/2017 CBCA 5834-TRAV Louise J. Ramsay Sullivan Decision
11/16/2017 CBCA 5822-RELO Karen M. Stanley-Wolfe Lester Decision
11/15/2017 CBCA 5850 Hanks, Hanks & Associates, LLC Sullivan Decision
11/15/2017 CBCA 5871 Pros Cleaners Sullivan Decision
11/14/2017 CBCA 5906-RELO Cyril D. Oram, Jr. Vergilio Decision
11/13/2017 CBCA 4907, 5157, 5470 Teamus Construction Co., Inc. Russell Dismissal
11/13/2017 CBCA 5906-RELO Cyril D. Oram, Jr. Vergilio Decision
11/13/2017 CBCA 5321 Melwood Horticultural Training Center, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
11/08/2017 CBCA 5906-RELO Cyril D. Oram, Jr. Vergilio Decision
11/09/2017 CBCA 5814, 5815, 5816 Harris IT Services Corporation O'Rourke Order
11/07/2017 CBCA 5740 Motion Matters, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
11/07/2017 CBCA 4598 McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
11/07/2017 CBCA 5562 Adira Construction, Inc. Kullberg Decison
11/06/2017 CBCA 5670 MINOT PSBI Joint Venture, LLC Vergilio Dismissal