Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see About The Board. For recent news, please see CBCA News.

Important information as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

The CBCA is Fully Operational, although our offices are closed to the public. We encourage all litigants to file their documents electronically as provided at Filing Documents.

The CBCA is now receiving mail and packages sent via U.S. postal service, FedEx and UPS. However, the CBCA will not sign for or certify receipt of mail or packages or accept in-person deliveries.

To efile protected documents, you must obtain permission from the judge for your case.

To efile a Rule 4 appeal file, you must obtain permission from the Office of the Clerk at 202-606-8800 or

With the exception of statutory deadlines, each judge has the discretion to modify the deadlines established in a specific case. Any statutory limitations on the time within which a filing may be made will NOT be waived or tolled.

All Hearings, Mediations, and Arbitrations will be held by video conferencing or by telephone until further notice. Go HERE for guidance on virtual proceedings at the CBCA.

The CBCA is now accepting Rule 4 appeal files and exhibits via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Please see the submission guide for details. This new method of submission does not replace the other options for submitting the Rule 4 appeal files or exhibits, such as efiling (preferred if the filing meets CBCA Rules of Procedure efiling requirements and the Clerk gives permission to efile) or by in-person, courier, or mail (USPS/FedEx/UPS) delivery on a CD, DVD, or flash drive.

If you have any questions about the Board's operations, contact the Office of the Clerk at 202-606-8800 or This notice will be updated as necessary.


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The FAX line is currently down. Please call the Office of the Clerk if you want to send a fax to the CBCA.

FY 2020 Annual Report

The CBCA's mailing address has changed to 1800 M St., NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.

New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge Type
03/02/2021 CBCA 6372 Briggs Brothers Enterprises Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
02/26/2021 CBCA 6957 Eric Lilienthal dba Montana Woods Contracting Drummond Dismissal
02/24/2021 CBCA 6914 Mubashir Ali Sullivan Decision
02/24/2021 CBCA 6769 Walsh II / Alberici Joint Venture Vergilio Dismissal
03/02/2021 CBCA 6331 Master Design Build, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
02/25/2021 CBCA 6931-RELO Joshua H. Vergilio Decision
03/01/2021 CBCA 6775-FCIC ACE American Insurance Company (In re: Giroux Orchards, LLC) Lester Decision
02/23/2021 CBCA 6474 Veterans Contracting, Inc. Drummond Dismissal
02/19/2021 CBCA 7018-FEMA City of Port Aransas, Texas Somers Dismissal
02/19/2021 CBCA 7011-FEMA Village of Pinecrest, Florida Sullivan Decision
02/18/2021 CBCA 6492, 6653 Herman Construction Group, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
02/10/2021 CBCA 6359 The Boeing Company Kullberg Dismissal
02/16/2021 CBCA 6971-FEMA Early Education and Care, Inc. Sheridan Decision
02/05/2021 CBCA 6984-TRAV Kathleen H. Drummond Dismissal
02/09/2021 CBCA 6433 1425-1429 Snyder Realty, LLC O'Rourke Decision
02/01/2021 CBCA 7022 Wright Consultants & Associates, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
01/28/2021 CBCA 6292, 6386, 6543, 6581, 6582, 6801 CSI Aviation, Inc. Chadwick Decision
01/28/2021 CBCA 6696 Hudson General Contractor, Inc. Drummond Decision
01/28/2021 CBCA 6842 Avetech Design Group, PLC Drummond Dismissal
02/01/2021 CBCA 6927 Professional Project Services, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
02/03/2021 CBCA 6748 E2 Optics, LLC Drummond Dismissal
02/03/2021 CBCA 6959-RELO Tracy H. Goodman Decision
02/02/2021 CBCA 6993-FEMA City Of Port Aransas, Texas Somers Dismissal
01/29/2021 CBCA 6661-RELO Patrick M. Beardsley Decision
01/29/2021 CBCA 6756-RELO Christopher S. O'Rourke Decision
01/26/2021 CBCA 6027 WageWorks, Inc. Sullivan Decision
01/26/2021 CBCA 7020-TRAV Peter S. Sullivan Dismissal
01/25/2021 CBCA 6931-RELO Joshua H. Vergilio Decision
01/15/2021 CBCA 6986 Metropolitan Security Services, Inc. dba Walden Security Kullberg Dismissal
01/19/2021 CBCA 5961, 6322 Mayberry Enterprises, LLC Lester Dismissal
01/19/2021 CBCA 6798 Epik International, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
01/21/2021 CBCA 6892 Ahtna Construction & Primary Products Company, LLC Sheridan Decision
12/18/2020 CBCA 6027 WageWorks, Inc. Sullivan Decision
01/19/2021 CBCA 6264-R, 6279-R, 6284-R Carmazzi Global Solution, Inc. Vergilio Decision
01/12/2021 CBCA 6943-RELO Alex H. Beardsley Decision
01/08/2021 CBCA 6938-TRAV Kevin A. Chadwick Decision
01/11/2021 CBCA 6417 U.S. Army Tactical Supply Kullberg Dismissal
01/11/2021 CBCA 6866-TRAV Jane A. Kullberg Decision
01/06/2021 CBCA 6659 Wise Developments, LLC O'Rourke Decision
01/07/2021 CBCA 6621, 6747 ITS Group Corp Somers Decision
01/04/2021 CBCA 6292, 6385, 6386, 6487, 6543, 6581, 6582, 6801 CSI Aviation, Inc. Chadwick Decision
12/31/2020 CBCA 6518 Caddell Construction Co. (DE), LLC Goodman Dismissal
12/07/2020 CBCA 6359 The Boeing Company Kullberg Decision
01/05/2021 CBCA 6598 Ascorp, Inc. dba Debco Construction Russell Dismissal
01/04/2021 CBCA 6963 Logan Simpson Design Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
01/04/2021 CBCA 6869-RELO Mecia H. Kullberg Decision
12/22/2020 CBCA 6980, 6982 Chloeta Fire, LLC Drummond Dismissal
12/17/2020 CBCA 6870 Res-Care, Inc. dba Brightspring Health Services Goodman Dismissal
12/17/2020 CBCA 6787 Aroostook Property Management, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
12/08/2020 CBCA 6476, 6811 Mission Support Alliance, LLC Somers Decision
12/18/2020 CBCA 5866 immixTechnology, Inc. on behalf of Software AG Government Solutions, Inc. Zischkau Decision
12/22/2020 CBCA 6782-TRAV Frank P. Zischkau Decision
12/07/2020 CBCA 5692 Eagle Peak Rock & Paving, Inc. Russell Decision
12/15/2020 CBCA 6909-FEMA Harris County, Texas Lester Decision
12/10/2020 CBCA 6735 Caddell Construction Co. (DE), LLC Sheridan Dismissal
12/15/2020 CBCA 6948 Compendium International, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
12/15/2020 CBCA 6925-RELO Candida A. Sheridan Decision
12/10/2020 CBCA 6905-RELO John C. Russell Decision
12/02/2020 CBCA 6964-ISDA Ketchikan Indian Community Drummond Dismissal
12/07/2020 CBCA 6960-RELO James E. Kullberg Decision
12/03/2020 CBCA 6857 68-60 Austin Street Realty Corp. Sheridan Dismissal
12/03/2020 CBCA 6937 Catalyst Engineering, Inc. Somers Dismissal
12/07/2020 CBCA 6579 Trinity Video Communications Somers Dismissal
11/24/2020 CBCA 6822-FEMA Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Beardsley Decision
11/24/2020 CBCA 6885 RocJoi Medical Imaging, LLC Chadwick Decision
11/27/2020 CBCA 6374, 6550 Armcorp Construction, Inc. Drummond Dismissal
11/25/2020 CBCA 6930-RELO Lisa L. Sullivan Decision
11/18/2020 CBCA 6369 Semper FI Constructors, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
11/23/2020 CBCA 6944 NCN Technology Sullivan Dismissal
11/20/2020 CBCA 6652 iMed Biomedical, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
11/23/2020 CBCA 6103, 6104 Brooks Range Contract Services, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
11/23/2020 CBCA 6864 Empire Hospitality, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
11/20/2020 CBCA 6941-ISDA Three Affiliated Tribes/Mandan, Hidatsa, And Arikara Nation Beardsley Dismissal
11/19/2020 CBCA 6823-TRAV Kevan L. Mullins Russell Decision
11/16/2020 CBCA 6841-R Midland Language Center Chadwick Decision
11/13/2020 CBCA 6924 Florida DEA GSA, LLC Drummond Dismissal
11/16/2020 CBCA 6934 JAF Supply, Inc. Russell Decision
11/13/2020 CBCA 6391 R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. Somers Dismissal
11/12/2020 CBCA 6689, 6784 Miami-Dade Aviation Department Sullivan Decision
11/13/2020 CBCA 6928-RELO Christina U. Somers Decision
11/17/2020 CBCA 6962-RELO Carolyn G. Lester Decision
11/16/2020 CBCA 6933-TRAV William P. Somers Dismissal
11/06/2020 CBCA 6501 Oak Hills Property Associates, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6502 Berkley Property Associates, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6503 Oak Hills Property Associates, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6504 1101 Wilson Owner, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6507 1000-1100 Wilson Owner, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6510 Oak Hills Property Associates, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/06/2020 CBCA 6511 Nash Street Property Associates, LLC Beardsley Decision
11/05/2020 CBCA 6473, 6641 Montage, Inc. Chadwick Dismissal
11/05/2020 CBCA 6168, 6213, 6376 Montage, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
11/05/2020 CBCA 6683, 6761, 6762, 6827, 6828, 6829, 6830, 6831, 6833, 6834, 6835, 6836, 6837, 6839, 6918, 6919, 6920, 6921, 6922 4K Global-ACC Joint Venture, LLC Lester Order
11/05/2020 CBCA 5011, 6440 G.E.M. Constructors, Inc. Somers Dismissal
11/05/2020 CBCA 6623, 6624, 6717 Montage, Inc. Sullivan Dismissal
11/09/2020 CBCA 6826 Irene Herman Houngbo Zischkau Dismissal
11/04/2020 CBCA 6844-ISDA Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Of The Duck Valley Indian Reservation Vergilio Dismissal
10/30/2020 CBCA 6903-FEMA St. John’s River Utility, Inc. Goodman Decision
11/02/2020 CBCA 6896-TRAV Clifton F. Sheridan Decision
10/27/2020 CBCA 6841 Midland Language Center Chadwick Decision
10/27/2020 CBCA 6771 Williamson & Moore Incorporated Beardsley Dismissal
10/21/2020 CBCA 5778 Primary Colors Contracting, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
10/27/2020 CBCA 6449 Regiment Construction Corp. Goodman Decision
10/28/2020 CBCA 6720 VT Aepco Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
10/23/2020 CBCA 6935-ISDA Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Sheridan Dismissal
10/13/2020 CBCA 6540-ISDA Gila Crossing Community School Beardsley Dismissal
10/08/2020 CBCA 6800-RELO Jimmy R. Johnson Beardsley Decision
10/09/2020 CBCA 6911-FEMA Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority Russell Dismissal
10/13/2020 CBCA 6940-TRAV Samuel C. Parshall Lester Decision
10/13/2020 CBCA 6081 PAE Government Services, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
10/08/2020 CBCA 6460 Athena Construction Group, Inc. O'Rourke Decision
10/08/2020 CBCA 6723 Athena Construction Group, Inc. O'Rourke Dismissal
10/14/2020 CBCA 6708 Archer Western Construction, LLC Russell Decision
10/06/2020 CBCA 6938-TRAV Kevin T. Aubart Chadwick Decision
10/01/2020 CBCA 6449 Regiment Construction Corp. Goodman Decision
10/05/2020 CBCA 6742 TKC Global Solutions, LLC Somers Decision
10/01/2020 CBCA 6863-RELO Leslie A. Santos Goodman Decision
09/23/2020 CBCA 6636-FEMA Florida Keys Community College Goodman Decision
09/24/2020 CBCA 6821-FEMA Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Lester Decision
09/29/2020 CBCA 6880-RELO John E. Gartland Lester Decision
09/30/2020 CBCA 6890-TRAV Samuel C. Parshall Lester Decision
09/29/2020 CBCA 6663-TRAV Jordan D. Jones Russell Decision
09/30/2020 CBCA 6687 GSF Enterprises, Inc. Russell Dismissal
09/28/2020 CBCA 6599 B3 Enterprises, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
09/16/2020 CBCA 6871 District Moving Companies, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
09/22/2020 CBCA 6890-TRAV Samuel C. Parshall Lester Decision
09/22/2020 CBCA 6764-RELO George C. Dearing Sheridan Decision
09/17/2020 CBCA 6667 Eagle Acquisition XIII, LLC dba Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation - River Pointe Sullivan Decision
09/02/2020 CBCA 6001 Collecto, Inc. dba EOS CCA Beardsley Decision
09/15/2020 CBCA 6533, 6534, 6535, 6537 HJD Capital Electric, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
09/09/2020 CBCA 6388, 6548 MSK Construction, Inc. Russell Dismissal
09/16/2020 CBCA 6848-FEMA Virginia Department of Emergency Management Chadwick Decision
09/11/2020 CBCA 6716-FEMA Monroe County, Florida O'Rourke Decision
09/10/2020 CBCA 6701-RELO Bradley A. O'Neil Zischkau Decision
09/08/2020 CBCA 6666 Eagle Acquisition VI, LLC dba Concordia Transitional Care And Rehabilitation - Elizabeth City Sullivan Decision
08/25/2020 CBCA 6459, 6681 Williams Building Company, Inc. Chadwick Dismissal
08/26/2020 CBCA 6615 Halbert Construction Company, Inc. Lester Decision
08/27/2020 CBCA 6711 CGI Federal, Inc. Somers Dismissal
09/03/2020 CBCA 6349, 6463, 6779 RLS Construction Group, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
09/01/2020 CBCA 6818-TRAV John J. Mele Goodman Decision
08/25/2020 CBCA 6680-RELO Scott A. Winterrowd O'Rourke Decision
09/03/2020 CBCA 6858-RELO Lori D. Renwick Chadwick Dismissal
08/20/2020 CBCA 6724 3 Daughters Painting Company, LLC Drummond Decision
08/17/2020 CBCA 6417 U.S. Army Tactical Supply Kullberg Decision
08/19/2020 CBCA 6034 Teracore, Inc. Russell Dismissal
08/24/2020 CBCA 6264, 6279, 6284 Carmazzi Global Solutions, Inc. Vergilio Decision
08/21/2020 CBCA 6630-FEMA Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Beardsley Dismissal
08/19/2020 CBCA 6728-FEMA City of Lakeport, California Sheridan Decision
08/20/2020 CBCA 6862-RELO Jeffery P. Herman Drummond Decision
08/20/2020 CBCA 6785-RELO Gregory T. Wahl Zischkau Decision
08/13/2020 CBCA 6809 S & DF Properties, LLC Beardsley Decision
08/13/2020 CBCA 6049 Transworld Systems Inc. Lester Order
08/13/2020 CBCA 6049 Transworld Systems Inc. Lester Decision
08/13/2020 CBCA 6820 GMA Properties, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
08/17/2020 CBCA 6879 AFTK, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
08/13/2020 CBCA 6729-RATE Arpin Group, Inc. Kullberg Decision
08/11/2020 CBCA 6840, 6852, 6853, 6854, 6855 Nagel Architects, A Series of Nagel Services, LLC Beardsley Decision
08/11/2020 CBCA 6730 Kelly Construction Services, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
08/11/2020 CBCA 6873 Jason Porter dba JPAC Construction Lester Dismissal
08/06/2020 CBCA 6578-RATE AARE Logistics, LLC Sullivan Decision
08/05/2020 CBCA 6609-RELO Landon A. Sario Hyatt Decision
08/10/2020 CBCA 6794-TRAV Anil K. Miglani Beardsley Dismissal
07/30/2020 CBCA 6424 CGI Federal Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
08/03/2020 CBCA 5764 Future Forest, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
07/29/2020 CBCA 6675 Sun Center LLC Drummond Dismissal
07/22/2020 CBCA 6477 Mission Support Alliance, LLC Somers Decision
07/22/2020 CBCA 6859 ResCare Workforce Services Sullivan Dismissal
07/22/2020 CBCA 6860 ResCare Workforce Services Sullivan Dismissal
07/22/2020 CBCA 6610 Maco Construction Services, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
07/22/2020 CBCA 6673-RELO Cady L. Tyron Hyatt Decision
07/22/2020 CBCA 6781-TRAV Myles A. Alexander Chadwick Decision
07/20/2020 CBCA 6832, 6838 4K Global-ACC Joint Venture, LLC Lester Dismissal
07/15/2020 CBCA 6093 HPI/GSA-4C, L.P. Russell Decision
07/16/2020 CBCA 6669 Hamstra Chico LLC Vergilio Decision
07/16/2020 CBCA 6726-TRAV Glenda A. DeVinney Vergilio Decision
07/16/2020 CBCA 6797-RELO Caitlin C. Clinton-Selin Vergilio Decision
07/14/2020 CBCA 5975-ISDA, 6366-ISDA Northern Cheyenne Tribe Sullivan Dismissal
07/08/2020 CBCA 6668-RELO Michael M. Bosack Drummond Decision
07/08/2020 CBCA 6232-ISDA, 6319-ISDA Standing Rock Community Grant School Lester Dismissal
07/13/2020 CBCA 6710 Primary Colors Contracting, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
07/06/2020 CBCA 6506 1000-1100 Wilson Owner, LLC Beardsley Decision
06/29/2020 CBCA 5766 SCS Building Maintenance, Inc. Vergilio Decision
06/30/2020 CBCA 6752, 6753, 6754 Avue Technologies Corporation Lester Decision
06/30/2020 CBCA 6559, 6647 Williams Building Company, Inc. Chadwick Dismissal
06/25/2020 CBCA 6774 Alpha Omega Integration LLC O'Rourke Dismissal
06/24/2020 CBCA 6734, 6845, 6846, 6847 Gilbane-Grunley Joint Venture Russell Decision
06/24/2020 CBCA 6778-RELO Miguel A. Correa Sullivan Decision
06/29/2020 CBCA 6691-RELO Nathan G. Fox Russell Decision
06/25/2020 CBCA 6636-FEMA Florida Keys Community College Goodman Decision
06/24/2020 CBCA 6749 Electronic Systems Services, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
06/18/2020 CBCA 5888 BE UTC GSA Theatre LLC Goodman Dismissal
06/19/2020 CBCA 6703 Rapid Temps, Inc. Goodman Decision
06/23/2020 CBCA 6733 Verdi Consulting, Inc. Lester Dismissal
06/16/2020 CBCA 6704 Mahavir Overseas Lester Decision
06/15/2020 CBCA 6608, 6618 Unlimited Service Associates, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
06/11/2020 CBCA 6777-RELO Scott T. Downey Somers Decision
06/10/2020 CBCA 6745-RELO Carlos A. Dodds Kullberg Decision
06/09/2020 CBCA 6722 Soyini A. Richards Beardsley Dismissal
06/08/2020 CBCA 6674-RELO Kendra O. Finklea Kullberg Decision
06/04/2020 CBCA 6330 Elkton UCCC, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
05/27/2020 CBCA 6415 Neiman Timber Co., L.C. Russell Dismissal
05/29/2020 CBCA 6556 Timbered Rangeland Management, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
05/29/2020 CBCA 6744 Trinity Of Utah Incorporated Zischkau Dismissal
06/02/2020 CBCA 6145 Pacific Architects And Engineers, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
06/01/2020 CBCA 5961, 6322 Mayberry Enterprises, LLC Lester Decision
05/22/2020 CBCA 6725 Paramount Construction Group, LLC Goodman Dismissal
05/22/2020 CBCA 6768 Delta State University Sullivan Decision
05/07/2020 CBCA 6534 HJD Capital Electric, Inc. Beardsley Decision
05/14/2020 CBCA 6783 CTA I, LLC dba CTA Builders Chadwick Decision
05/21/2020 CBCA 6793 NEDA of Puerto Rico, Inc. Lester Decision
05/14/2020 CBCA 6664 Aron Security, Inc. Somers Decision
05/19/2020 CBCA 6736(5942)-REM, 6737(5943)-REM, 6738(5944)-REM, 6739(5945)-REM, 6740(5946)-REM Development Alternatives, Inc. on behalf of ERSM (Afghanistan) Limited dba Edinburgh International Somers Dismissal
05/15/2020 CBCA 6806 Maviga N.A. Inc. Vergilio Decision
05/15/2020 CBCA 6678-RELO Joshua W. Hughes Lester Decision
05/15/2020 CBCA 6731-RELO Joshua W. Hughes Lester Decision
05/19/2020 CBCA 6698-RELO Louis J. Boudousquie Sullivan Decision
05/14/2020 CBCA 6697-RELO Elsa Q. Newland Somers Decision
05/21/2020 CBCA 6719-TRAV James V. Bailey Somers Decision
05/12/2020 CBCA 6628 Time Solutions, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
05/13/2020 CBCA 5913 J. Kokolakis Contracting, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
05/05/2020 CBCA 4026 Valerie Lewis Janitorial Kullberg Decision
05/07/2020 CBCA 6549-RELO Timothy W. Peters Kullberg Decision
05/11/2020 CBCA 6188, 6312 Crowley Logistics, Inc. Lester Dismissal
05/12/2020 CBCA 6621 ITS Group Corp Somers Decision
05/07/2020 CBCA 6665-RELO Tae-Hoon Kim Chadwick Decision
05/08/2020 CBCA 6706-RELO Jason N. Fischell Drummond Decision