Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

Message from the Chair and FY 19 Annual Report.

New rules for Arbitration of FEMA Public Assistance Eligibility or Repayment Disputes under 42 U.S.C. § 5189a(d).

The CBCA's mailing address has changed to 1800 M St., NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.

The CBCA fax line is down for repairs.

NEW: The CBCA is OPEN to accept efilings. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, effective March 30, 2020, and until further notice, the CBCA will no longer receive or accept mail, packages, or in-person deliveries.

Mail or packages sent via U.S. postal service will be held by the post office until the Board's physical office reopens. Fed Ex and UPS packages will be returned to sender.

We encourage all litigants to efile and avoid filing by mail.

You must obtain permission from the judge for your case to efile protected documents.

Please contact the Office of the Clerk at 202-606-8800 or to obtain permission to efile a Rule 4 appeal file.

Any statutory limitations on the time within which a filing may be made will not be waived or tolled.

With the exception of statutory deadlines, each judge has the discretion to modify the deadlines established in a specific case. All hearings, mediations, and arbitrations in March and April will be rescheduled or held by video, web conferencing, or telephone.

If you have any questions about the Board's operations, contact the Office of the Clerk at 202-606-8800 or This notice will be updated as necessary.

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge Type
04/02/2020 CBCA 6634 Pen-Link, Ltd Lester Dismissal
03/31/2020 CBCA 6033 Teracore, Inc. Russell Dismissal
03/31/2020 CBCA 6093 HPI/GSA-4C, L.P. Russell Decision
03/27/2020 CBCA 6349, 6463 RLS Construction Group, LLC Sullivan Decision
03/23/2020 CBCA 5754, 5755 Legion Construction, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
03/09/2020 CBCA 5863 Future Forest, LLC Sheridan Decision
03/23/2020 CBCA 6755-ISDA Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Sullivan Dismissal
03/24/2020 CBCA 6646-ISDA Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band Of Pottawatomi Indians Russell Dismissal
03/12/2020 CBCA 6594-RELO Gwannette M. Claybrook Drummond Decision
08/27/2019 CBCA 6352-RELO Gregory S. Hyatt Decision
03/16/2020 CBCA 6678-RELO Joshua W. Hughes Lester Decision
03/16/2020 CBCA 6731-RELO Joshua W. Hughes Lester Decision
03/06/2020 CBCA 6695-RELO Michale R. Tucholski Sheridan Decision
03/18/2020 CBCA 6712 Midland Language Center Sullivan Dismissal
03/18/2020 CBCA 6651-FEMA Bossier Parish Police Jury Russell Decision
03/10/2020 CBCA 6543 CSI Aviation, Inc. Chadwick Decision
03/05/2020 CBCA 4775, 5360, 6334 NVS Technologies, Inc. Goodman Decision
03/03/2020 CBCA 5978 Monument Construction, LLC Hyatt Decision
03/10/2020 CBCA 6563, 6564 SRA International, Inc. Lester Decision
03/09/2020 CBCA 6552 Academy Medical, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
03/10/2020 CBCA 6367 Casey Hull, Inc. Sullivan Dismissal
12/30/2019 CBCA 6531 FMS Investment Corporation Vergilio Dismissal
03/03/2020 CBCA 6525-RELO Kim K. Phillips Drummond Decision
03/05/2020 CBCA 6596-RELO Merritt L. Whitelow IV Goodman Decision
03/03/2020 CBCA 5974-ISDA Theodore Roosevelt Boarding School Vergilio Dismissal
12/30/2019 CBCA 6531 FMS Investment Corporation Vergilio Dismissal
02/28/2020 CBCA 6600 Rashid El Malik Somers Decision
03/02/2020 CBCA 6606 U.S. Overseas Housing, LLC Sullivan Decision
02/19/2020 CBCA 6587 Burman Construction LLC Beardsley Dismissal
02/25/2020 CBCA 6292, 6386 CSI Aviation, Inc. Chadwick Decision
02/21/2020 CBCA 6581, 6582 CSI Aviation, Inc. Chadwick Decision
02/24/2020 CBCA 6629 AECOM, Inc. and AECOM C&E, Inc. Chadwick Dismissal
02/19/2020 CBCA 5698-R Stobil Enterprise Russell Decision
02/19/2020 CBCA 5698-R Stobil Enterprise Per Curiam Decision
01/30/2020 CBCA 5272 United Facility Services Corporation dba Eastco Building Services Lester Decision
02/24/2020 CBCA 6566-RELO Charles Brown O’Rourke Decision
02/18/2020 CBCA 6702-RELO Rodney S. Bath Beardsley Decision
02/18/2020 CBCA 6577-RELO Gregory D. Kouns Zischkau Dismissal
02/18/2020 CBCA 5907, 5907-R Walker Development & Trading Group Inc. Per Curiam Decision
02/14/2020 CBCA 6707 Brian D. Cooper O’Rourke Dismissal
02/12/2020 CBCA 6590-FEMA Municipality of Cabo Rojo Somers Decision
02/12/2020 CBCA 6123 Engility Corporation Vergilio Dismissal
02/06/2020 CBCA 6555 Alares LLC Sullivan Dismissal
02/06/2020 CBCA 5698-R Stobil Enterprise Russell Decision
02/11/2020 CBCA 6358 Griz One Firefighting, LLC Drummond Decision
02/05/2020 CBCA 6210-TRAV Kevan L. Mullins Russell Decision
02/10/2020 CBCA 6572-RELO Aaron C. Rutland Somers Decision
01/29/2020 CBCA 6671-RELO Christy A. Cox Goodman Decision
01/29/2020 CBCA 6622-ISDA Battle Mountain Band Of Te-Moak Tribe Of Western Shoshone Indians Kullberg Dismissal
01/29/2020 CBCA 6612-C(5387) Vet4U, LLC O'Rourke Decision
01/31/2020 CBCA 6522 Thomas M. Jacques Electric O'Rourke Dismissal
02/03/2020 CBCA 6360, 6627 Avue Technologies Corporation O'Rourke Decision
01/27/2020 CBCA 6521-RELO Henry J. Maciog Beardsley Decision
01/24/2020 CBCA 6051, 6052, 6053 Miles Construction, LLC Goodman Dismissal
01/17/2020 CBCA 6569 Mare Solutions, Inc. O'Rourke Dismissal
01/24/2020 CBCA 6676-TRAV Geoffrey A. Hall Sheridan Dismissal
01/14/2020 CBCA 4775, 5360, 6334 NVS Technologies, Inc. Goodman Decision
01/17/2020 CBCA 5690 Mare Solutions, Inc. O'Rourke Dismissal
01/15/2020 CBCA 6571 Iron Sword Enterprises, LLC Russell Dismissal
01/17/2020 CBCA 6660 S & DF Properties, LLC Russell Dismissal
01/14/2020 CBCA 6035 Teracore, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
01/14/2020 CBCA 6389, 6442 R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
01/14/2020 CBCA 6688 Analytic Services Inc. Sheridan Decision
01/17/2020 CBCA 6530-FEMA St. Augustine High School, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana Goodman Decision
01/06/2020 CBCA 6559, 6647 Williams Building Company, Inc. Chadwick Decision
01/09/2020 CBCA 6134 Xerox Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
01/09/2020 CBCA 6140 Xerox Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
01/07/2020 CBCA 6525-RELO Kim K. Phillips Drummond Decision
01/06/2020 CBCA 6611-RELO Tim A. Martin Kullberg Dismissal
01/06/2020 CBCA 6620-RELO Gavin M. Wallach Lester Decision
01/07/2020 CBCA 6593-FEMA City Of Liverpool Russell Decision
12/31/2019 CBCA 6662 Fluor Enterprises, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
12/19/2019 CBCA 5210 CFP FBI-Knoxville, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
12/23/2019 CBCA 6131 XEROX Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
12/23/2019 CBCA 6132 XEROX Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
12/20/2019 CBCA 6632 Master Design Build, LLC Drummond Dismissal
12/20/2019 CBCA 6350, 6399 Williams Building Company, Inc. Lester Dismissal
12/17/2019 CBCA 6116, 6416 ACRO Construction, LLC Russell Dismissal
11/13/2019 CBCA 2953, 2954, 2955, 3596, 4175, 4377, 5006 Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. Zischkau Decision
12/19/2019 CBCA 6434-FEMA Plaquemines Parish Government Sullivan Decision
12/20/2019 CBCA 6649-FEMA New York State Office Of Parks, Recreation And Historic Preservation O'Rourke Dismissal
12/23/2019 CBCA 6570-RELO Hilda Alexander Sheridan Decision
11/01/2019 CBCA 5814, 5815, 5816 Harris IT Services Corporation O'Rourke Decision
12/10/2019 CBCA 6338-ISDA Rock Creek Grant School Somers Dismissal
12/04/2019 CBCA 6446-RELO Gustavo A. Bisbal Sullivan Decision
12/10/2019 CBCA 6576-RELO Yiannis A. Lolos Vergilio Decision
12/10/2019 CBCA 6447-RELO Matthew W. Forsythe Kullberg Decision
12/10/2019 CBCA 6672 Structural Engineering Group, Inc. Beardsley Decision
12/10/2019 CBCA 6583-ISDA, 6584-ISDA Chapa-De Indian Health Program, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
12/10/2019 CBCA 6619-ISDA Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Hyatt Dismissal
12/09/2019 CBCA 5168, 6298 AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Chadwick Decision
12/05/2019 CBCA 6517, 6601 CH2MWG Idaho, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
12/05/2019 CBCA 6592-RELO Michael C. Lamantia Chadwick Decision
12/05/2019 CBCA 6536-RELO Gregory Billings Hyatt Decision
12/04/2019 CBCA 6544 Williams Building Company, Inc. Lester Dismissal
12/04/2019 CBCA 6637-ISDA Forest County Potawatomi Community Lester Dismissal
12/03/2019 CBCA 6642-ISDA Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. O'Rourke Dismissal
11/27/2019 CBCA 6354-RELO Rebecca J. Lott Lester Decision
12/03/2019 CBCA 6470-RELO Edward H. Johnson Somers Decision
12/02/2019 CBCA 5997, 6464 SBC Archway Helena, LLC Vergilio Decision
12/04/2019 CBCA 6429 Halbert Construction Company, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
12/02/2019 CBCA 6604-FEMA New York State Office Of Parks, Recreation And Historic Preservation Vergilio Decision
11/21/2019 CBCA 6526-TRAV Edward G. Davidson Drummond Decision
11/20/2019 CBCA 6299 Thundercat Technology, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
11/25/2019 CBCA 6262 Triple Canopy, Inc. Sullivan Dismissal
11/14/2019 CBCA 6568-RELO Teresa K. Scalise Russell Decision
11/14/2019 CBCA 6325-ISDA Rock Creek Grant School Somers Dismissal
11/14/2019 CBCA 6444 Master Design Build, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
11/15/2019 CBCA 6645-RELO Frederick R. Sciulli Sullivan Dismissal
11/13/2019 CBCA 5907-R Walker Development & Trading Group Inc. Beardsley Decision
11/07/2019 CBCA 6561 BES Design/Build, LLC Goodman Decision
11/06/2019 CBCA 6639 Halbert Construction Company, Inc. Russell Dismissal
11/12/2019 CBCA 6640 Halbert Construction Company, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
11/06/2019 CBCA 6514-RELO Jose M. Hernandez Vergilio Decision
11/07/2019 CBCA 6591-RELO Phillip C. Rhodes Beardsley Decision
11/13/2019 CBCA 6562-TRAV Richard W. Briggs Kullberg Decision
11/04/2019 CBCA 6339 ESA South, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
10/31/2019 CBCA 6340 M&C Venture Group Goodman Decision
11/04/2019 CBCA 5420, 5733 Pegasus Enterprises, LP O'Rourke Decision
10/31/2019 CBCA 5269, 5659 NOAA Maryland, LLC Russell Decision
11/05/2019 CBCA 6471-TRAV Mark A. Majestic Zischkau Decision
10/28/2019 CBCA 5609 M&C Venture Group Goodman Dismissal
10/23/2019 CBCA 6461 Reagent World, Inc. Russell Dismissal
10/28/2019 CBCA 6196, 6395 Peraton, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
10/29/2019 CBCA 6264, 6279, 6284 Carmazzi Global Solutions, Inc. Vergilio Decision
10/24/2019 CBCA 6562-TRAV Richard W. Briggs Kullberg Decision
10/24/2019 CBCA 6605-TRAV Julie M. Carey O'Rourke Dismissal
10/29/2019 CBCA 6638-RELO David Guadalupe Sheridan Dismissal
10/28/2019 CBCA 6434-FEMA Plaquemines Parish Government Sullivan Decision
10/28/2019 CBCA 6375-ISDA Yankton Sioux Tribe Beardsley Dismissal
10/17/2019 CBCA 6613 HICAPS, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
10/18/2019 CBCA 6209-FCIC Rural Community Insurance Company (In re: Oberg Family Farms) Beardsley Dismissal
10/18/2019 CBCA 6380-TRAV David B. Teed Drummond Decision
10/09/2019 CBCA 6554-ISDA Rough Rock Community School, Inc. Drummond Dismissal
10/15/2019 CBCA 6457-FEMA Union For Reform Judaism Lester Decision
10/10/2019 CBCA 6479 CSI Aviation, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
10/16/2019 CBCA 5768 Primestar Construction Corp. Beardsley Dismissal
10/16/2019 CBCA 6602 CSI Aviation, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
10/09/2019 CBCA 6617 General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc. Russell Dismissal
10/15/2019 CBCA 6364-RELO Stephen G. Tryon Russell Decision
10/03/2019 CBCA 6585-TRAV James B. Ott Lester Dismissal
10/04/2019 CBCA 6450-RELO Debra C. Clark-Burnside Lester Decision
10/08/2019 CBCA 6575 FEMA Noble County, Ohio Sheridan Decision
10/01/2019 CBCA 6089-ISDA Osage Nation Somers Dismissal
10/02/2019 CBCA 6085, 6286 Aplin, LLC Chadwick Dismissal
10/07/2019 CBCA 6421 NTT Data Services Federal Government, LLC Somers Dismissal
10/01/2019 CBCA 6527 Foxmar, Inc. dba Education And Training Resources Sullivan Dismissal
10/04/2019 CBCA 6539 Harry L. Chupnick Chadwick Decision
07/29/2019 CBCA 5988-TRAV Caleb B. Halstead Hyatt Decision
07/29/2019 CBCA 4241 Ucensys Research Corp. Kullberg Decision
08/01/2019 CBCA 6345 Northstar Federal Services, Inc. Russell Dismissal
08/01/2019 CBCA 6418 Triple Canopy, Inc. Sullivan Dismissal
07/30/2019 CBCA 6336 North Star Imports, LLC Drummond Dismissal
07/29/2019 CBCA 6069 National Electrical Systems, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
07/29/2019 CBCA 6542 The Akana Group Drummond Dismissal
07/26/2019 CBCA 5996 Mare Solutions, Inc. Sullivan Dismissal
09/25/2019 CBCA 5954 SOC LLC Kullberg Dismissal
09/25/2019 CBCA 6303 Leidos Innovations Corporation Somers Decision
09/26/2019 CBCA 6264, 6265, 6273, 6274, 6275, 6276, 6277, 6278, 6279, 6280, 6281, 6282, 6283, 6284, 6288, 6342, 6343, 6344 Carmazzi Global Solutions, Inc. Vergilio Decision
09/27/2019 CBCA 6454-RELO David B. Cornstein O'Rourke Decision
09/24/2019 CBCA 3403-ISDA, 3557-ISDA, 3564-ISDA Native Village Of Savoonga Chadwick Dismissal
09/23/2019 CBCA 6513-FEMA Livingston Parish Government Chadwick Decision
09/23/2019 CBCA 6532-RELO Kirk D. Henry Goodman Decision
09/18/2019 CBCA 6249 American Beef Packers, Inc. Lester Decision
09/25/2019 CBCA 5809 McAllen Hospitals LP, dba South Texas Health System Lester Dismissal
09/23/2019 CBCA 6045, 6215, 6216 SOC LLC Beardsley Dismissal
09/18/2019 CBCA 6311 Bancroft Architects + Engineers Sheridan Decision
09/20/2019 CBCA 6365 T.K. Hughes Auto Sales, Inc. Somers Dismissal
09/13/2019 CBCA 6397 305 S. Lucille, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
09/12/2019 CBCA 6187 M.A. Mortenson Company Goodman Dismissal
09/17/2019 CBCA 6408 The Chigosi Company Goodman Dismissal
09/12/2019 CBCA 6267-TRAV, 6268-TRAV, 6269-TRAV Patrick M. Cotton Hyatt Decision
09/10/2019 CBCA 6161 WSSA Birmingham, LLC Drummond Decision
09/04/2019 CBCA 6326 Ace Endico Corp O'Rourke Dismissal
09/10/2019 CBCA 5698 Stobil Enterprise Russell Decision
09/10/2019 CBCA 6523 MSK Construction, Inc. Russell Dismissal
09/06/2019 CBCA 6586 Amara Akogu Vergilio Dismissal
08/29/2019 CBCA 6323 ACE Endico Corp Drummond Dismissal
08/29/2019 CBCA 6029, 6030 Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. Sullivan Decision
09/4/2019 CBCA 6443-RELO Miguel A. Santiago Diaz Drummond Decision
09/4/2019 CBCA 6455-RELO Melvin J. Gutierrez Russell Decision
08/20/2019 CBCA 6185 P.K. Management Group, Inc. Chadwick Decision
08/12/2019 CBCA 5713 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC Goodman Decision
08/26/2019 CBCA 2920, 3615, 4813, 5004 The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Somers Dismissal
08/21/2019 CBCA 6489-RELO Jonathan E. Pearson Sullivan Decision
08/21/2019 CBCA 6520-RELO David C. Shinn Zischkau Decision
08/23/2019 CBCA 6390-TRAV Glenn R. Gibbons Hyatt Decision
08/19/2019 CBCA 6545-ISDA Cowlitz Indian Tribe Chadwick Dismissal
08/19/2019 CBCA 6546-ISDA Cowlitz Indian Tribe Chadwick Dismissal
08/19/2019 CBCA 6547-ISDA Cowlitz Indian Tribe Chadwick Dismissal
08/14/2019 CBCA 6171, 6414 AT&T Technical Services Company, Inc. Lester Dismissal
08/13/2019 CBCA 6361 URS Group, Inc. Russell Dismissal
08/20/2019 CBCA 6439-FEMA Dewees Island Property Owners Association Sullivan Decision
08/19/2019 CBCA 6573-RELO Jessica Guyton Sullivan Decision
08/13/2019 CBCA 6553-RELO Brendan J. Bowman Lester Decision
08/09/2019 CBCA 5514 BES Design/Build, LLC Somers Decision
08/09/2019 CBCA 5515 BES Design/Build, LLC Somers Decision
08/08/2019 CBCA 6147-R CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC Sheridan Decision
08/07/2019 CBCA 5997, 6464 SBC Archway Helena, LLC Vergilio Decision
08/06/2019 CBCA 6393 Martin-Miser Associates, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
08/06/2019 CBCA 6480 APTIM Federal Services, LLC Goodman Dismissal
08/05/2019 CBCA 6327 Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Company, LLC Sheridan Dismissal
08/02/2019 CBCA 5543 PJP Building Six, LC Beardsley Dismissal
08/02/2019 CBCA 6482 Fairfield Technologies, Inc. O'Rourke Dismissal
07/25/2019 CBCA 6445 Williams Building Company, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
07/24/2019 CBCA 6528-TRAV Ashley R. Luo Goodman Decision
07/24/2019 CBCA 5092 Golden Key Group, LLC Lester Dismissal
07/23/2019 CBCA 6307 Williams Building Company, Inc. Lester Dismissal
07/18/2019 CBCA 6121 Archer Western Construction, LLC Sullivan Decision
07/15/2019 CBCA 6485 BES Design/Build, LLC Sheridan Decision
07/17/2019 CBCA 6392 RLS Construction Group, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
07/17/2019 CBCA 6481-TRAV Bryon L. Craig Chadwick Decision
07/12/2019 CBCA 6551 AB Staffing Solutions, LLC O'Rourke Dismissal
07/11/2019 CBCA 5848 United Facility Services Corporation dba Eastco Building Services Lester Dismissal
07/11/2019 CBCA 6105, 6106, 6107, 6320 Kcorp Technology Services Inc. Lester Dismissal
07/11/2019 CBCA 6108, 6109, 6110, 6111 Kcorp Technology Services Inc. Lester Dismissal
07/10/2019 CBCA 6437 Aventura Technologies, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
07/02/2019 CBCA 5623, 6002 MSK Construction, Inc. Kullberg Dismissal
07/01/2019 CBCA 4968 Optimum Services, Inc. Kullberg Decision
07/03/2019 CBCA 6529-TRAV Corina C. Warfield Hyatt Dismissal
07/03/2019 CBCA 5907 Walker Development & Trading Group, Inc. Beardsley Decision
07/02/2019 CBCA 6483-TRAV James B. Allen Sullivan Decision
07/02/2019 CBCA 6451-TRAV Miles K. Frampton Sullivan Decision