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The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

Message from the Chair and FY18 Annual Report.

Proposed Rules for Arbitration of FEMA Public Assistance Eligibility or Repayment under 42 U.S.C. § 5189a(d) and Fact Sheet

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge Type
06/13/2019 CBCA 5947-ISDA Gila Crossing Community School O'Rourke Dismissal
06/12/2019 CBCA 5773, 5912, 6058 Laurels Medical Services dba Chariot Somers Dismissal
06/12/2019 CBCA 6245 National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC Goodman Dismissal
06/11/2019 CBCA 6316-RELO Anthony W. Reed Drummond Decision
06/07/2019 CBCA 6491 Computer Integration & Programming Solutions Corp. Vergilio Decision
06/06/2019 CBCA 6156 VXL Enterprises, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
06/05/2019 CBCA 6379-RELO Dalton M. Coker Chadwick Decision
06/05/2019 CBCA 6409-FEMA, 6411-FEMA Ocean Hammock Property Owners Association, Inc. and Hammock Dunes Owners' Association, Inc. Somers Decision
06/04/2019 CBCA 6419-RELO Mark W. Eberhart Vergilio Decision
06/04/2019 CBCA 5076 RLS Construction Group, LLC Sullivan Dismissal
06/04/2019 CBCA 6141 Xerox Corporation Chadwick Dismissal
06/03/2019 CBCA 6038 Sterling Design, Inc. Somers Dismissal
05/28/2019 CBCA 6412-TRAV Mark E. Wolff Sheridan Decision
05/23/2019 CBCA 6431-RELO David A. Thomanek Beardsley Dismissal
05/23/2019 CBCA 6458-TRAV Joseph J. Pagano Vergilio Dismissal
05/21/2019 CBCA 6308 Affigent, LLC Beardsley Dismissal
05/20/2019 CBCA 6264, 6279, 6284 Carmazzi Global Solutions, Inc. Vergilio Decision
05/20/2019 CBCA 6147 CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC Sheridan Decision
05/20/2019 CBCA 6472-TRAV Johnny W. Poole Beardsley Dismissal
05/20/2019 CBCA 6423-TRAV Ricardo J. Torresotero Somers Decision
05/20/2019 CBCA 6332-TRAV Richard A. Bihary Somers Decision
05/17/2019 CBCA 6092 Josefina Persinger Lester Dismissal
05/16/2019 CBCA 6302-TRAV Brandon G. Zumbano Russell Decision
05/16/2019 CBCA 6236 Centerra Integrated Facilities Services, LLC Zischkau Dismissal
05/16/2019 CBCA 6208 Flux Resources, LLC Somers Decision
05/16/2019 CBCA 6420 Omni Business Systems - Fax Plus, Inc. Sheridan Dismissal
05/15/2019 CBCA 6435-ISDA Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Vergilio Dismissal
05/15/2019 CBCA 5692, 5955 Eagle Peak Rock & Paving, Inc. Russell Decision
05/15/2019 CBCA 6373-RELO Heather E. McBride Sheridan Decision
05/15/2019 CBCA 6150, 6151 R & M Government Services, Inc. Russell Dismissal
05/15/2019 CBCA 6448 Structural Engineering Group, Inc. Beardsley Dismissal
05/14/2019 CBCA 6422-ISDA Cayuga Nation of New York Sheridan Dismissal
05/14/2019 CBCA 5387 VET4U, LLC O'Rourke Decision
05/13/2019 CBCA 6300, 6301 B.L. Harbert International, LLC Vergilio Decision
05/13/2019 CBCA 6456-RELO Gregory Billings Sheridan Dismissal
05/13/2019 CBCA 6255-C(5540) Mare Solutions O'Rourke Decision