1. The dignity of the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is to be respected and maintained at all times.

2. No food, drink, chewing gum, or tobacco is allowed in the courtrooms; water is provided at counsel tables. Food and drink are allowed in the conference and witness rooms.

3. The use of cell phones or similar electronic devices in the courtrooms is prohibited, except with advance permission from the presiding judge. Leave your cell phone outside of the courtroom, or if you bring your cell phone into the courtroom, turn it off or place it on silent mode.

4. No recording, broadcasting, or photography is permitted at the CBCA. Electronic recording equipment, such as video and voice recorders and cameras, is not allowed in the courtrooms.

5. Weapons, items that could be utilized as weapons, and other contraband will not be allowed past CBCA security. CBCA security officers and CBCA staff are authorized to open and inspect any item carried into the CBCA.

6. Dress appropriately. Suitable attire for counsel and spectators should be business or professional attire appropriate to the dignity of the proceeding and the CBCA.

7. Arrive on time. On the day of a hearing or mediation, allow time to find parking, to locate the CBCA, and to go through security.

8. Repeated entrances and departures into and out of the courtroom are to be avoided.

9. Refrain from unnecessary talking and noise when in the courtroom. Refrain from making gestures, facial expressions, audible comments, manifestations of approval or disapproval, or the like during the testimony of witnesses, or when the hearing is in session.

10. Always address the judge in a respectful manner. Avoid talking at the same time as another person. Speak clearly and in a way that can be heard.