Deciding to use Alternative Dispute Resolution

To use ADR procedures, both parties must make a written joint request to the CBCA. Requests should be addressed to the Board's Chairman. If the request pertains to a docketed appeal, a copy should be sent to the presiding judge for that appeal. If the parties wish that a particular CBCA judge or judges serve as their ADR Neutral(s), they should state that desire in their request to the Board's Chairman. Depending on caseload and availability, a determination will be made by the Chairman on whether a requested judge should serve as the ADR Neutral. If the request does not specify a particular judge, one will be assigned. Prior to the start of ADR proceedings, the parties are required to sign a written ADR Agreement that establishes guidelines for implementing the ADR method selected.

The presiding judge, the Board's Chair, and the Board's Chief Counsel can answer questions about how ADR can best be used for a case.